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I grew up in the Yorkshire Dales of England. In my late teens I developed a love of travel – not surface travel, like a tourist, but a sinking into and admiration of other cultures. I did Peace Corps, experiencing memorable summers in Scotland, Ireland, Morocco, Italy and Greece. I trained as a teacher/social worker, teaching a variety of ages, and working with troubled teens. A second degree, in theology, led me to church social work in Scotland.

But I always had a passion for health and healing. As a child I rescued stray cats and kept them in boxes in the hedgerow, feeding them scraps from the fish and chip shop.  This passion attracted me to the Seventh-day Adventist church, where I have learned much about preventive lifestyle and natural remedies. I worked at a natural healing center in Norway, before heading for America, where I met my husband, Rick.

My passion took a back seat as we raised our children. But when our youngest went to college, I decided to take the plunge. Mom had just passed to her rest, and there was a small legacy. What better way to honor my dear mother than to learn the plants she had taught me to love?

After a six-month apprenticeship with a local herbalist, there was no turning back. I tore the brush and briars off a neglected bank, and planted an herb garden. I enrolled with Clayton College of Natural Health and spent three years completing their “Family Herbalist” and “Consulting Herbalist” certification. I have spent the last three years studying with East West School of Herbology where I have learned to incorporate the best of several herbal traditions, and have just completed their “Professional Herbalist” training.

My passion is to teach herbal healing in the context of God’s eight natural remedies: nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, temperance, air, rest, and trust in God. I enjoy sharing this passion in hands on community classes, as well as giving one on one consultations. I spend many happy hours working in my herb garden or wildcrafting herbs in field and forest.

God Bless,
Jane Kuntz

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