2017 Classes

June Classes

Sat, June 3, 11 am Ark Fellowship with Pastor Rick Kuntz

Vegan Potluck following service.

Tues, June 6, 6 pm, It’s Summertime! Healthy Picnic Foods” with Cheryl Farley

Free Cooking Class. To register call Janet at 603-759-1994 or email info@lewistonark.com

 Mon, June 12, 6:30 pm Lyme Support Group

For more information call Janet at 603-759-1994.

Tues, June 27, 5:30 – 7 pm, “There is Medicine All Around”
Summer Herb Class, with Jane Kuntz, 
Consultant & Family Herbalist

Let us explore some of the wild herbs growing around us at this time. Learn how to dry herbs for year round medicine; sample some healing tea blends and learn how to make them ourselves; and learn how to make delightful healing oils from flowers. To register call Jane at 207-432-9063 or email her at giveglorytohim@gmail.com. $10 Fee for cost of materials and giveaways.

Weekly Wednesday night Bible study class at 6:30pm.

For free health consultations, call Janet Letters 603.759.1994 to set up an appointment with Mary Penner, Nurse Practitioner.

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